Should I feel guilty for not writing my own vows? 

Look at it this way: just because you enjoy music and listen to it, doesn't mean you're the best guitar player. It's the same with writing. You should NEVER feel guilty for asking for help with creating something special and memorable for someone you love.

How does the process work though?

Once you order, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out and this will give me all of the information I need to get started. I'm also available to meet virtually if you'd like to chat about your answers instead of typing them. From there, I'll write with one goal in mind: to capture what's already in your heart. No clichés because it's your story. I'll send you the first draft for review and you can let me know if there are any changes. We'll go back and forth until you're completely satisfied with the vows. You'll receive custom wedding vows that you'll love (almost) as much as your fiancé.

What's included?

All services include:

Weddings vows include one extra:

What's your writing background? 

So glad you asked! My education includes a Bachelor's of Arts and proofreading/editing certificates. I worked many years at companies as a blog writer and content creator before moving to the wedding industry. I've also published fiction, so I have a strong handle on storytelling. For 7+ years, I've been writing wedding vows because I love a great love story! 

Give me the sales pitch: Why should I choose you?

So you have a special talent for capturing what someone is trying to say, even if their words and thoughts are a hot mess?

I do! Throughout my career, I've consistently received feedback from copywriting clients and engaged couples that I took their vague thoughts and turned them into exactly what they were trying to say but struggling to express. I first had an inkling of this special ability in college while I worked as a writing tutor. Tutoring someone on their essay is like solving a puzzle—you have to maintain the bigger picture while trying to connect the pieces so they make sense. Even when a student's essay was jumbled and thoughts didn't connect well, I was able to intuitively understand what they were trying to say. Then I collected and rearranged fragments to help them weave the pieces together into an essay that conveyed the topic.

Essentially, I have a talent for distilling complex emotions and thoughts into simple, beautiful language that captures the essence of what my couples are trying to say :)

I'm still debating...Can I see some examples?

Yup! I don't share what I've written for real people (unless they give me permission), but I have some snippets of fictional wedding vows and speeches that I created so you can feel confident working with me. You can find those fictional examples here.

But I already have a draft. What happens to that?

I always look at any drafts along with your questionnaire answers, so your draft won't go to waste :) Since my goal is to maintain your voice, I take ideas and snippets from your original draft (if you have one) and weave them into the vows or speech we work on together.

Are you available to help me with writing the whole ceremony? 

Absolutely! Continue to the next question please.

We've been talking a lot about vows and ceremonies. Can you tell me about your other wedding and speech writing services?

I write officiant scripts, best man speeches, father of the bride speeches, proposal speeches, 'Our Story' wedding website pages...Basically, if it's wedding-related, I write it! Just follow the links I dropped above to find out more about each of those services.

Okay, but how much?

"The speech was absolutely perfect. Cassandra completely read my mind. Very happy!" 

~Jackie, Australia 

"Cassandra made this so easy.  I really didn't know what to say but with her help I was able to say all the right things. My bride was so touched at how romantic I was." 

~Michael, U.S. 

"Absolutely incredible service and so friendly. Loved the communication and prompt response. Thank you!" 

~Aanya, U.S.