Many modern couples want to sprinkle humor into their wedding vows, and this is a wonderful idea when done right. Having a few laughs during your ceremony can make it more engaging and memorable. It’ll keep your guests on their toes and help to add weight and emotions to the really sentimental bits.

BUT, when wedding day humor isn’t done right, it can be awkward and downright offensive.

I’ve seen couples go WAY too far with jokes in their vows, adding sentiments that are raunchy and off-putting to guests. You don’t need to be a comedian to get laughs during your wedding vows, but don’t forget, your wedding isn’t a stand-up comedy gig! Adding the wrong humor can make what should be a special moment completely unbearable. To prevent this, and to actually write funny wedding vows, you need to be yourself.

Here’s my first tip: Don’t force it.

Being real and genuine during your ceremony is what your partner and your guests want. If you’re a genuinely funny person, then great! Let it come out naturally as you write and then ask a friend to review it to make sure you haven’t gone too far with any jokes.

But if, really, you’re a serious person, don’t pressure yourself to be goofy or hilariously witty. After all, this isn’t an audition for America’s Got Talent, it’s your wedding ceremony!

If you’re trying to write your wedding vows and struggling to find the funny within the serious, I got you. Let’s explore the ways to successfully write funny wedding vows, even if you’re a more serious person.

Avoid One-Liners at the Altar

Zingy one-liners may look effortless, and charming in the movies, but they don’t always work in the real world. The art of writing funny wedding vows means transitioning to something cute and humorous within your serious sentiments. This will make the laughs feel natural.

A great place to add humor without much effort is in your promises. For example, if you want to make a promise to always support each other, you could follow it up with: “I promise I’ll always have your back, even if we’re just picking out a movie for the evening. I know you get tired of all the zombie movies, so I promise to let you pick some rom-coms now and then. And I'll do my best not to roll my eyes at the end.”

Another example is, "When you've had a bad day, I promise to be ready with your favorite carton of Ben & Jerry's so you can comfort-eat and fall asleep watching World War 2 documentaries."

Speaking of WWII (but not really), my next tip is...

Make the Wedding Humor Personal

I'm going to be psychic right now and say that you did a search for "funny wedding vows" and browsed a few other websites. Am I right? And on those sites, you found generic lines like:

"I love you like the musical Cats. Now and forever."

"You and I just work together, and I love how you always finish were supposed to say sentences."

"I promise not to watch the next episode without you." 

See how psychic I am?

While some of those generic lines can be funny (I mean, if your partner LOVES Cats, feel free to use that line), they're also that: generic.

To get the real belly-laughs from your partner and guests, you need humor that speaks to you personally. If you're someone who is very strict about schedules, then making a joke about it will get plenty of laughs from those who know you best. Or if your partner is obsessed with reality TV shows, add a reference to that and they will laugh so hard their eyes will get misty.

This doesn't just apply to humor though—the more specific and personal your entire vows are, the better.

Be Yourself

As I touched on in the intro, there’s nothing less funny than someone being false during public speaking, especially in front of loved ones. If, as you write your wedding vows, you don’t feel like being funny, or it’s not coming naturally, don’t force it! Let the lines come as they are.

A good way to get a feel for your style and whether or not the humor comes out naturally is to record yourself babbling. You heard me—babbling.

I want you to grab your phone, hit record, and proceed to word vomit some stories from your past together. If you find yourself smiling and laughing as you remember those sweet moments, you know you’re going to have laughs in your vows! But if your words flow out more poetically and you're overwhelmed with more serious emotions for your fiancé, then you make get more heartwarming tears at the altar. Which is perfectly fine!

Your vows should be a reflection of who you are, and you don't need to make anyone laugh, only express what's in your heart.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help With Vows

If the words aren’t flowing, or you’re not much of a writer, don’t feel embarrassed about asking for expert help. It’s not easy to write funny wedding vows that deliver the desired effect, and sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to make the magic happen.

As a professional wedding vows writer, I’ll be able to craft your funny stories and memories into a succinct speech that's not only humorous but also genuine—while also building toward those important, sentimental moments that will make your vows so special.

Tease, Don’t Roast

Your wedding ceremony is NOT the time to share any embarrassing secrets involving your partner or to roast them for bad habits. Stories that shock and horrify your wedding guests might amuse the groomsmen, but Grandma certainly won’t find it funny. And neither will your spouse!

Also, don't tease your future family. Not getting laughs will be the least of your concerns if you make your in-laws look bad!

As you write your wedding vows, consider including the funny things your partner does that are common knowledge. For example, a famously bad Halloween costume, being super strict about following a vacation agenda, or some kind of domestic quirk. But always keep it light—make sure everyone’s in on the joke, and it’s something you know your partner won’t mind being mentioned.

Let Me Help You Write Your Funny Wedding Vows

Still struggling to get the words out? I would love to help! I'm a qualified, professional wedding speech writer with a ton of experience writing for couples from all over the world. Listening to the love stories of my couples has been an endlessly rewarding experience and one that I love every minute of.

Check out my wedding vow writing service, and if you feel we’re a good match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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