As a wedding vow writer, I help brides and grooms reflect on their relationships and organize their thoughts into a beautiful, heartfelt speech (aka, the most memorable vows ever). But it’s still their words and feelings. I’m simply the facilitator.

I can tell you’re still skeptical. Maybe this is the first time you’re discovering wedding vow help is a thang. I get it. That’s why I wrote this blog. You may not have known this service existed before, but after reading, you’ll wonder how you considered getting married without it.

(dramatic drum roll)

Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Vow Writer

1. Stress Relief

Budgeting, planning a reception, sending invites, juggling vendors...help!

Weddings are crazy stressful, and they’ll challenge anyone’s executive functioning. Sometimes, planning a wedding feels like plate spinning. Don’t let any of them fall! Don’t forget to contact the band, and the caterer, and the florist. Wait. The dress got put on back order? Time to pick up the phone and start calling.

Even for a professional event planner, weddings cause a lot of sleepless nights. By the time you get around to even thinking about writing personal vows, your brain and creative juices are so drained, you can barely form thoughts. That’s a lot of pressure.

A vow whisperer offers reassurance. Guidance. Stress relief. Now you have someone to help you get all of your feelings on paper so you can put your creativity where it’s needed most: finishing those centerpieces!

2. One-of-a-Kind Vows, No Template Needed

Ah, templates. They’re everywhere nowadays, aren’t they? From emails to videos, you can get a template for anything. Wedding vows are no exception.

But here’s the thing: a wedding vows template will make your vows sound boring and contrived. It’s a quick fix. Copy and paste in your prose and BAM. Now your vows sound like everyone else’s. Is that what you really want?

Most templates are super corny, tired, and irrelevant to the person you’re delivering your promises to.

Personal vows should be just that. Personal. They should mean something to you. Be unique to your love story. No bride or groom wants a sappy, cliché line you snatched quickly from Google. Your future spouse craves to know how you feel, said in a way that fits your personality.

A wedding vow writer (hopefully me) will craft fresh words that capture the love you feel, while also sharing some of the wonderful times you’ve had with your significant other.

3. Vows That Flow

While writing wedding vows, you’ll hopefully find the process exhilarating. Because it should be! Reliving fond memories, chuckling at funny stories, and jotting down just how in love you are with your partner will get you even more amped for the wedding and your future together. Pulling all of those thoughts together is certainly fun.

But as you near the end of your draft, you may find that the neat, succinct prose you thought you’d compose is actually a complete mess. A jumble of words and random ideas that don’t connect how they did in your head.

That’s okay. Writing is tricky like that. This is where a pro wedding vow writer can seriously help.

A professional writer (ahem, me) will take your thoughts and turn them into coherent vows you’re proud of. They will merge your abstract feelings, emotions, and stories into a flowing speech that will wow your loved one.

And ‘wow’ is always the goal.

4. Save Precious Time

Life is busy. Weddings make life busier. Add work and family obligations to the mix and now you’re juggling three different to-do lists while trying to remember when you last ate. Was it yesterday? Crap, better grab a muffin before you pass out!

We all lead busy lives, and taking care of relationships, your career, and the important tasks at home all demand time. Most couples underestimate how long it will actually take to write their vows. It’s easy to lose hours searching through websites for vow writing tips and ideas, and then more hours staring off into space as you try to figure out where to start.

Or worse: you’ll wait until the day before to write your vows and really stress yourself out (gasp!).

Save yourself the time and frustration but simply getting some help. In a handful of minutes, you can request a vow writing service, fill out the questionnaire, and pour yourself some calming tea as you wait for the first draft (let's be honest—the tea is spiked, isn’t it?).

And if you waited until the last minute to write your vows, a 24-hour rush delivery is available.

5. Avoid the Rambling

With all the adventures you and your fiancé have been on, and considering the deep love you share, it’s no wonder your vows are looking like War & Peace. After all, this is the moment, and you’ve got a lot to say! But when wedding vows reach 4 or 5 pages (front and back), alarm bells should be ringing. If you go overboard with your vows and write far too much, you’ll end up losing the overall message. A wedding ceremony isn’t the place for a Ted Talk. If you go on too long, the eyes of your guests and your partner will glaze over.

A professional writer will keep you focused, condensing your prose into the length you want, while bringing your primary emotions and thoughts to the surface.

6. It’s a Service, Like Any Other

Though some couples are deep into the DIY lifestyle, most don’t do their entire wedding without help. I’m talking baking the cake, sewing the dress, decorating, cooking the food, distilling the alcohol by starting a year early and then barrel-aging the whiskey (I would actually love to see someone do this for their wedding!). My point is, it takes an army to organize pull it off.

Just like any other vendor, a wedding vow writer offers a wedding service to make your big day amazing.

Not everyone can make a tiered cake, arrange flowers, or design a dress. And not everyone is a natural writer or enjoys doing it (I do! I love writing). So if writing isn’t your thang, why are you expected to compose a brilliant speech all on your own for your wedding?

Your vows are words that your significant other will remember the rest of their life. You may even get them framed or made into a little memory book. Also, you’ll be immortalized saying them in the wedding video (like, forever). Why not get help to make your personal vows truly memorable?

When you look past the stigma, you’ll see that a vow writer is a vendor like any other. He or she (me!) has a skill that they’ve practiced and refined, one you can use for your big day.

7. Hitting the Perfect Tone

What’s the mood and style of your wedding? Rustic and intimate? Beachy and carefree? Is it traditional and taking place in a church? Or are you going for relaxed and low-cost, holding it in the backyard of your grandparent’s home? Your vows need to fit the mood and atmosphere of your wedding, otherwise...

Imagine having a formal ceremony in a giant expensive ballroom and then saying personal vows that come across as an awkward roast of your fiancé. Yikes.

As a couple, you’ve spent months thinking about what style of wedding to have because you want something unique that captures your personalities. If your vows don’t have the right tone, it can throw everything off.

A wedding vow writer can help you capture the right tone and avoid the awkward roasts (i.e. all roasts). And he or she can ensure you don’t go overboard with the humor.

Speaking of that...

8. Adding Humor, Minus the Awkward Silences

The trend nowadays is to have a wedding ceremony with personal vows that have a touch of humor and light-hearted fun. Emphasis on a touch because humor is a delicate thing. It can easily be a disaster.

Making others laugh is tough even for professional comedians, and it’s particularly difficult to make an entire room of guests guffaw when you’ve never done it before. Something that sounded funny in your head could end up getting awkward stares. Worse, you could end up offending the person you’re about to marry (I’m not saying they would call it off at the altar because you joked about their bad bathroom habits, but...let’s not risk it).

Or, you might share an inside joke that you and your partner find hilarious, but it results in a total cringe-fest because guests just don’t get your obsession with Sailor Moon.

Humor can add a lot to vows when done right, eliciting a full range of joyful, loving emotions from your partner as you speak. Spare yourself the blushes, and let your wedding vow writer craft the wisecracks. At least let them tell you if your jokes are ‘Friends’ quality or ‘Joey’ quality.

9. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think!

After shelling out crazy amounts of money for your other vendors, you may feel nervous about the actual cost of wedding vow writing services. This person will write the most important words on your wedding day. It must be so expensive. Like $800. A thousand. Maybe more! Can you afford that??

Take a breath.

The idea of wedding vow services can initially put off some brides and grooms because they worry it’s as exorbitant as all other wedding vendors. That’s understandable. But I have a feeling my reasonable pricing will put a smile on your face.

Whereas other wedding vow writers charge $500 or more, I’m here for the budget-conscious. I’ll help you craft original, custom, melt-your-heart wedding vows for way less than you spent on your wedding invites. Plus, I offer 24-hour rush delivery for when you’re in a crunch.

Check out my services page for more details.

In the grand scheme of wedding planning and budgeting, my costs are some of the lowest you’ll have, and yet they provide so much value. I keep my costs low because I simply love this work. It’s what I’m passionate about. I love helping couples express to the world their joy and feelings and dreams of the future.

10. You’ll Be Glad You Did

Even my most skeptical couples are ecstatic that they asked for help with their vows.

Often, weddings become so stressful that when they finally get to the ceremony, it doesn’t produce the excitement it should. This causes guilt and anxiety that bleeds into the act of writing personal vows. When the pressure is off and all a couple has to do is answer questions and take a walk down memory lane (no writing needed), their feelings of joy and excitement return.

For months, it has been about the ceremony. Working with a professional writer gets their mind off the act of getting married and returns their focus to the why. Then, when they received their finished vows, they can’t wait to share them at the altar, relieved they chose not to take on more stress by trying to compose them completely alone.

If you’re considering the services of a wedding vow writer, it would be an honor to assist you. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples over the years, and simply love writing about love (I’m also a romance author...but that’s a discussion for another day!).

Listening to the love stories of my couples has been an endlessly rewarding experience, one that I love every minute of. It would be a pleasure to craft your wedding vows, or any other wedding speech you might need (I even do entire ceremonies).

You can check out my services page for pricing, and if you feel like we’re a good match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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