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Wedding Vow & Speech Writer

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When you sit down to write your vows, do you break into a cold sweat? Mind go blank? Or maybe you wrote a rough draft but it's a jumble of random thoughts.

There's no denying you love your fiancé. Sometimes, putting all of those feelings into words—the most important words of your life—is intimidating. You've got enough stress from the wedding!

Well, I'm here to help. Don't think of me only as a wedding vow writer. Think of me as your assistant, your wedding vow coach and overall stress-reliever. I'll listen to your love story, learn about you and your fiancé, and then compile all of your thoughts into beautiful, custom wedding vows you'll feel proud to share.

I can also help with officiant speeches, best man and maid of honor speeches, wedding websites, parent toasts—basically, anything related to wedding words!

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind about your vows…

...then a vow writing service is exactly what you need.

"The speech was absolutely perfect. Cassandra completely read my mind. Very happy!" 

~Jackie, Australia 

"Cassandra made this so easy.  I really didn't know what to say but with her help I was able to express myself the way I wanted. My wife was so touched." 

~Jordan, USA 

"Absolutely incredible service and so friendly. Loved the communication and prompt response. Thank you!" 

~Aanya, USA